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In all the HelpDesk apps I have ever used, there was always a feature that I would have liked but was never available.

In my opinion, it would be nice if you could enter a ticket, but then mark it as "Waiting on Third Party."

Marking it as such would then cause it to be listed separately from all the other unresolved tickets when it comes to the complete listing of unresolved tickets. (This is a critical piece to me. If you can mark it as third party, but the tickets are still listed with all the other unresolved tickets, then it is not of much use to me.)

Having such a feature would make it more likely that I would use the app more completely. For example, if I receive a call about a toner that needs to be replaced.....if I don't have that toner in stock and need to order it, I will not enter a ticket for the work until I receive the ordered toner. I do this b\c I try to clear tickets as soon as possible, and having one hanging out there open, b\c I am waiting on something/someone outside of my control bothers me. Being able to do this would make it so that I would enter a ticket as soon as an issue arose and result in more complete tracking.

So if such a feature were possible, I would foresee all unresolved tickets listed but grouped separately when viewing them. First would be the tickets that are open and that I can take action on immediately as time permits; then some blank space; then the "Waiting on Third Party" tickets would be listed.

This would make it so that I can quickly check my unresolved tickets, and see which are waiting on me, and which are waiting
on others. Since it is my goal to keep the list of unresolved tickets to just a few, even if I have 6 waiting on me b\c of a third party, this would allow me to quickly gauge the amount of work actually waiting on me.

The other piece is how such a ticket would be tracked as far as time to completion. It would be nice to enter a ticket right away, but if you are waiting on someone/something, to not have that time counted against you when it comes to duration of how long it took to resolve the ticket. For example, even though a ticket would have been entered previously, being able to reset the time so to speak so that it would only count the time from when receiving the ordered toner to closing of the ticket.

I don't know if you have had any other call for this, but I think it would be a well liked feature by your customers.

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I currently do this now - maybe I am too simplistic in my approach but I simply created a "Waiting" priority type which quickly allowed me to scan my open items and effectively ignoring these tickets

You could then sort by priority and move the Waiting tickets to the bottom of your list

We do not track time to completion on our network

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Implemented in Mouse Tracks 2009.

Ticket Status has replaced the resolved field. Ticket Statuses can be of type 'Open', 'Closed', or 'Pending'. You can define as many statuses as you'd like.

Per your example you could create a 'Waiting on 3rd Party' status and assign it the 'Pending' Value.

Todd @ Gritware
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