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Currently in WT there is the ability to view items by page or all. Now that we have thousands of tickets, this feature can cause serious issues.

For example, when viewing all, technicians have to remember to switch back to viewing by the single page prior to clicking "Closed" tickets or "All Techs" tickets. If they don't do this, their browsers will be trying to load so many tickets that the auto refresh kicks in before the page loads causing a never ending spiral of doom. In our environment, this locks up the server for all technicians causing the WT service to have to be reset. Even then, the technicians browser still seems to be stuck trying to view all tickets. 

I would propose that you do away with the 'all' and have an option more modern that would give the selection of 25, 50, 100, etc. Additionally, disable the auto-refresh when viewing more than X amount of tickets at one time. 

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There is an option to turn off the 'All' option...


I agree that it would be nice to pick the page size.  I will move this topic to the suggestions page to track it there.

Thank you for the feedback,

Todd @ Gritware
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