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I have a windows domain, windows Firewall is turned off on all computers. I recently changed the account used to run the scan now some of my machines (probably 1/2) are coming up with a WMI error as below.

TEST RESULT: 'COMPUTER' is online but unable to connect through WMI.
AUTHENTICATION RESULT: Successfully Impersonated 'jkaukDA' in the 'DOMAIN' domain

the funny thing is if I use that same account, open wmimgmt.msc and connect to the same computer I can get the WMI properties. But if I log into the server that the scan runs from with the same account and do the wmimgmt.msc I get a connection error saying it Failed to connect because Win32: The RPC server is unavailable"

Not sure why it works from one computer but not another? Can you shed any light on this.


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You can look over the following document...

Trouble Shooting RPC Errors

Since you can connect on other workstations but not the server I don't think it's the firewall on the clients that is the issue. 

Skip to the end of the document where it reads Verify Reverse DNS lookup is correct 

Follow those steps to see if the server's reverse dns looks right.

If that's not the case I'd recommend following the link under advanced troubleshooting.

Also, does the old account you used to run this with still work?

Best of luck.  Let me know if I can be of further help.

Todd @ Gritware
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Turns out I just needed to restart the server that runs the scan, after that it worked fine.
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