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In our environment when a new email to ticket is created there is an email that goes out to all techs for alert. If someone responds to the email to update the ticket, at this point there is no tech assigned yet, an updated email goes out only to the requester. 

We would like for there to be functionality for an email to go back out to all techs on the updated ticket if there is no tech assigned yet.

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Implemented in version 9.20.

This is now possible using groups in Web Tracks 2014.  

Basically instead of the tickets coming in as unassigned you should assign it to 'All Technicians'.  You can mimic your previous method of using unassigned tickets by creating a tech group named 'Unassigned' in which all technicians are members.  This would then be your default tech group.

With the addition of tech groups it is now recommended to have all tickets assigned (as opposed to leaving the tech group field blank).

Todd @ Gritware
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