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When trying to create a filter for the computers in my Webtracks install, I can only select from a limited number of fields. I would like to choose from fields that do not appear in the drop down menu such as RAM, Domain etc.

I have tried this in multiple browsers, nto sure if this is something to do with my particular set up or a feature of the program.


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For now this behavior is by design.  In a previous version we tried showing all available fields but the list was too large and the field selector in the filter wasn't scrollable so you couldn't always find the field you were looking for. 

There are a couple of workarounds that may suit your needs...

One is to open the 'configure list items'.  You can click on the drop down arrow for any of the available fields and filter this way.  You can then close the field chooser window without actually adding the field to the grid.  See attached field-chooser-filter image.

In Web Tracks 9.1 and newer you can create multiple views so it may be easier for you to create a separate view (named 'Filtered by RAM' for example).  To do this click the little gear icon by the 'Computer List' label to create a new view.  Then right click on the grid header to add the field you wish to filter on.

I'll leave this post in the suggestions forum.  The ideal solution would be to have all fields filterable and if there are too many to show in the list have a scrolling list that can be selected.

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Todd @ Gritware
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