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Customer Question:

Could you please briefly outline the procedure to update a case via email (both forward and reply)

By default you can simply reply to emails sent by Web Tracks.

To manually ‘trick’ the converter into updating a ticket (rather than creating a new ticket) with new emails or forwarded emails do the following…

1.  Create or forward an email

2.  Modify the Subject Line:

Make sure it begins with "RE:"
Make sure it end with the Ticket Number

Example subject
“RE: My update for Ticket 3435” would attempt to update ticket # 3435.

3.  Send the Email

Additional Notes:
All of the following must be true for an existing ticket to be updated (if any conditions fail a new ticket will be created).

* Email Subject must begin with "RE:"
* Email Subject must end with the ticket number (ticket number must match a valid ticket in Web Tracks)
* Sender of the Email is meets one of the following requirements:
A.  Is the Technician assigned to the ticket.
B.  Is a Technician in Web Tracks with "Normal" or higher Access Level.
C.  Is the Requester assigned to the ticket.

Todd @ Gritware
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