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It would be great if we could set up reminders to email technicians regarding upcoming tickets.  For instance, a setting that would let us choose to send an email containing     a list of tickets due within the next X days to assigned technician group and the body of the email would have a link to each ticket that falls within the specified range.  And the range could be configurable (i.e. 1, 3, 7 days...)

example: pdf webtracks.pdf


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This feature has been implemented in Web Tracks 2017.  Any report or graph that you create in Web Tracks can now be setup for Auto Delivery.   You won't be able do the next 'X' days (unless you create a custom SQL report), but you can choose from dynamic date ranges such as 'This Week', 'Tomorrow', or 'Next Week' for example.
Todd @ Gritware
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