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I would like to see an option for WT to send an automatic email to an email address, whether it be one individual or a group of individuals, when a new ticket is created by an unlicensed end user via the portal.

1) End user logs into the portal and creates a new ticket.
2) An automated email is sent to one or more listed individuals notifying of the newly created ticket. This email could contain information like notification emails contained now during the update ticket process.

I understand there is the option to setup notifications via ticket type. However, this process does not work in our model.

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This has been implemented in a round about way in version 9.00.

In version 9.0 you may now have a default ticket type as well as mark certain ticket types as not selectable by end-users.  This would allow you to force the ticket type of 'unassigned' for new tickets created by end-users.  You can then set up a distribution list (by editing the 'unassigned' ticket type) of users to be notified.

Todd @ Gritware
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