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Todd, thanks for adding the email functionality, where when we click 'Save Notify & Close' we have checkboxes for 'E-Mail Technician?' and 'E-Mail Requestor?' and the ability to add another recipient from the drop-down in Addtional Recipient.
I use this feature every day!

What I have noticed is that when I uncheck the 'E-Mail Requestor?' checkbox, the system still sends the Requestor a copy of the email. Sometimes I like to send a comment or suggestion to my Technician without sending to the Requestor, so I'd appreciate it if you could fix that in the next release.

Also it would be cool if I could have multiple additional recipients - I can only pick one as it is now. Not critical though since I can put myself in there and then forward the resulting email to everyone I want.


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I've tried reproducing the behavior and when I uncheck the requester the email is appropriately not sent.

I did the same test with the release candidate build of 9.0 (available very soon) and the problem doesn't appear there either.

Could you please list the exact steps to reproduce? Also what browser are you using?


Todd @ Gritware
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