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Hello, we have a webtracks installation that we use for IT Support, but we also have a facilities management department that would like to use the site. Our IT Director does not want any overlap between the two. So IT cannot see facilities tickets and facilities cannot see IT tickets. Is there some way to achieve this without having to setup and purchase a separate help desk application? Also can the same database be utilized as is currently being utilized?

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Using a single database this would only be possible if all of your technicians were setup as 'restricted technicians'.  Restricted technicians are limited to only seeing tickets to which they are assigned.  You could then have a technician group for IT and a technician group for facilities.  However technicians setup in this manner will not have access to reports (since they can show all tickets), nor be able to add related category choices.  So at a minimum you would want at least one IT tech and one facilities tech to have 'full' technician access which then does give you the potential for the overlap you want to avoid.  Additionally, when creating graphs and reports you would always have to filter to isolate IT or facilities.

To keep information completely separate would require another Web Tracks installation using another database.  We do offer a 25% secondary database discount.  Currently the installs need to be on separate servers if you want to use the email to ticket converter with each database.  If the email-to-ticket converter is not required for one of the databases then they can be run on the same server (some manual configuration is required).

If you have any more questions let me know.

Thank you,

Todd @ Gritware
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