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I would like to propose the idea of adding a "Checklists" functionality in WT help desk. 

The idea would be to have a tab in the admin panel to build checklists for adding to tickets.

These checklists would contain items for things like "New User" and would contain a checklist of items pertaining to building a new user like: 
- Build new user and add user security in AD
- Setup user and user security in Exchange
- Setup user in X & Y software applications
- Etc

When a new ticket is created for this subject, the admin can then look through and choose the appropriate checklist to go with this common ticket task. These items can then be checked off by one or more admins as updates are being made to the ticket. Once an item is checked off, it is logged as a comment in the ticket with a date/time stamp of completion followed by the option to notify.

There should also be the ability to add or remove from the task list after adding to a ticket in the case that all tasks are not needed or missing. 

Another feature could be an option to add due dates to each task.
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